Virginia’s Finest Live at The Chesapeake

You’ll meet the most interesting people here. From retired military officers, NASA engineers, and Newport News Shipyard employees, to teachers, professors, artists, authors and business leaders, residents at The Chesapeake offer a wealth of life experiences and perspectives that contribute to the camaraderie and richness of our community.

We invite you to take a moment and get to know a just a few of the special people who make up our community.


Louise Marchello

Louise Marchello: “Life is good at The Chesapeake.”

One could say it was meant to be. Louise Marchello had friends who were living at The Chesapeake, so she decided to take a look at the community for herself. | Read more >



Leroy Hubbard


Leroy Hubbard: Soldier, musician, artist, educator

The Chesapeake is home to many interesting and diverse people, including veterans like Leroy Hubbard. In addition to his military service, music, art and education have played big roles in Leroy’s life … | Read more >


The Rountrees


Dick and Rite Rountree: Enjoying the good life.

Dick Rountree happily declares that life at The Chesapeake is “a lazy, nice life.” But one look at his calendar—and that of his wife, Rite—will let you know that this couple and their lifestyle are active, independent, and energetic. | Read more >