Dot Smither: “I paint for enjoyment.”

When Dot Smither moved to The Chesapeake in 2002, she brought with her lots of artwork—
all pieces that she had created dotsmitherfullsizeherself.

Dot started painting after her daughters were married, and has now been painting for more than 40 years. “I paint for enjoyment,” says Dot, who retired from the City of Hampton Treasurer’s Office.

A life-long native of Hampton, Dot used to sell her paintings at the Seaside Gallery in Nags Head, NC. Now, she paints mostly for fun, and one of her works hangs in the Prayer Chapel at The Chesapeake.

When she’s not painting, Dot spends time with many of her new-found friends. “I’ve met so many delightful people here,” says Dot. “It’s great to be around people my own age and to share together.”