Jo Anne Foudriat: A passion for quilting

foudriatJo Anne was born in 1930 and grew up in a small town in central Ohio. After graduating from Mt. Sterling High, she went into nurses training, receiving an RN in 1951. With marriage and three children, Jo Anne became a “stay-at-home” mom; but, for years, Jo Anne regularly participated in volunteer nursing activities with the Red Cross and similar organizations.

In 1974, Jo Anne took her first class in quilting in York County and fell in love with the activity. Since then she has belonged to three quilt guilds on the Peninsula, in Williamsburg, and in Norfolk. She has also been active in a state quilt group, the Virginia Consortium for Quilters, and in the 1990s served as President for two years.

Jo Anne continues to be active in local and state guild programs, attending monthly meetings of local guilds and three or four state meetings each year. Jo Anne has made five Quilts of Valor for the The Peninsula Piecemakers Quilt Guild, which makes quilts for wounded servicemen, and she has supported others in making four more.

Jo Anne also has conducted a quilt guild activity for the York County Senior Center. Further, she has donated quilts to various organizations like the Virginia Living Museum for silent auctions and other fundraising activities. Quilting is truly Jo Anne’s passion.