Dining enhancements are underway at The Chesapeake

Renovations of The Chesapeake’s dining room are underway. By March 2018, residents will be able to choose from a number of dining venues, including an updated formal dining room, a bistro, a pub and a café. All food will be cooked to order with a number of available grab-and-go options.

“With this renovation, we’re repositioning our dining room to create new venues that better align with residents’ busy lifestyles and eclectic tastes,” said Tammy Slowikowski, The Chesapeake’s director of culinary services.

The new dining space will feature a bistro with cook-to-order options, including grilled seafood and steaks, in addition to the daily chef’s specials. In the formal dining area, pristine white tablecloths will set the stage for the chef’s specials and many resident favorites. In the mornings, residents may enjoy a hot cup of coffee with their newspapers in the coffee bar. Later in the day, this space transforms to a lounge where residents may enjoy a glass of wine with friends prior to dinner. A separate private dining room will also be available where residents can host birthday parties or other special occasions with family and friends.

The Chesapeake’s team, which has been planning the renovations for months, worked with THW Design, one of the nation’s top senior living and health care design firms, to redesign the existing space. The contractor, GC Construction, is also working with The Chesapeake to allow residents the opportunity to watch the renovation progress from a safe distance.

“As a team, we’re doing our best to keep residents informed of the progress and to minimize disruptions to their daily lives,” said David Loop, The Chesapeake’s executive director. “We’re also giving residents opportunities to be involved in helping us choose the décor and test the comfort of the chairs, among other things.”

In an effort to keep residents informed, Loop hosts a weekly coffee with the contractor to allow residents to ask questions. He also developed a newsletter called “In the Loop” to keep residents informed of the progress.

“We’re looking forward to delivering a quality dining experience in a variety of formal and informal settings,” Loop said. “For us, these renovations are all about resident choice.”