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11:00 am

The Chesapeake Retirement Community
955 Harpersville Road
Newport News, Virginia 23601


Get informed so you can spot a financial predator before it’s too late.

An unfortunate truth about getting older is that people become more vulnerable to fraud and scams. Whether it’s over the phone, online, through the mail or behind the facade of a friendly smile, criminals can sometimes be convincing enough to get entire life savings handed over. But this kind of exploitation is easier to avoid than you may think.

The Chesapeake is excited to welcome Donna L. Wilson, founder of Wilson Law, PLC. During her engaging presentation, she’ll share her expertise on matters like online banking security, password protection, the right kind of information to divulge and the ways to recognize a Con Artist. Don’t miss out.

Lunch will be served in one of The Chesapeake’s beautifully renovated dining areas.

Community tours available after the event.