The Clinic at The Chesapeake

Convenient access to routine health maintenance checks and preventative screenings.

At The Chesapeake, residents have convenient and confidential access to a variety of services in the Clinic. Specialists including primary care physicians, podiatrists, massage therapists, dentists, audiologists and a registered dietician see residents in private examination rooms, making it easier to keep up with routine health maintenance and wellness.

Located in the heart of The Chesapeake’s community center, the Clinic is staffed by licensed nurses. Staff are available when you need nursing assistance or help in coordinating medical appointments. The Clinic’s transportation team is available to residents for personal and medical transportation needs. Our certified nursing assistants are also available to accompany you to personal or medical appointments.

The Clinic’s staff can also provide medication reminders, respond to emergencies, and assist with clinical paperwork. Our Home Companion Program is available to residents in any level of care and provides a range of services from grocery shopping to medication administration.

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