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There's always something new and interesting going on at The Chesapeake. From special events to volunteering to resident recognition, our community is a hub of activity. Read about the latest news and events below.


Health Concerns Top List of Americans’ Retirement Worries

15-May-13 15:23

The conclusion that these worries “require that people give some thought to what other contingencies they have in place to prepare for unexpected expenses

To The Chesapeake -- Thank You

23-Feb-12 17:38

Life is filled with uncertainties, and at our communities, many of these uncertainties are no longer a part of our resident’s lives — as Madeline Hardison learned.

Selling Your House During an Economic Downturn

03-Oct-11 18:01

"Quality of life" circumstances may dictate that your need to make a lifestyle change now may be of greater importance than the current real estate climate.

Hey, doc, are you listening?

12-Jul-11 22:25

Good communication is critical to good medical care.

Losing your grip

12-Jul-11 22:17

Article reveals grip strength can indicate overall muscle tone; one study suggests grip strength might be an indicator of longevity

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