Colonel Max Taylor

Husband, father, grandfather, war hero.


Col. Taylor met his wife, Joanne Patterson, at Mars Hill College in 1951 and married in 1953.  They have four wonderful children and fourteen grandchildren. 


He entered the US Air Force Aviation Cadet class of 53-B and graduated as a pilot in 1953 at Laredo Air Force Base Texas. Col. Taylor then advanced to gunney school flying F-80s and F-86s at Nellis AFB in Nevada.


Early in his career, assignments were in a fighter squadron as a flight commander and operations officer in Japan, Guam, South Carolina and France.  In Washington, DC, Col. Taylor was on a joint assignment with the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency field office as a Photo Reconnaissance Officer.


He flew the RF-101 (Photo Reconnaissance) aircraft from Udorn, Thialand on combat missions over North Vietnam.  Most of his missions were low level altitude (500 feet or less) at 500 plus knots airspeed.  Targets were military installations, bridges,  anti-aircraft and surface to air missile sites, which were highly defended. On one of the missile sites missions, Col. Taylor's aircraft was hit by ground fire three times. 


On his first tour to Vietnam, he was awarded two Distinguished Flying Crosses (one for heroism) and three air medals.


Other career assignments were:  Plans officer 19th AF, Director of Plans 12th AF, Operations Officer Photo Reconnaissance,  2 AF and Operations and Intelligence  Staff Officer, Pacific AF, Tactical Air Command, Langley AFB, VA;  Inspector General Staff Officer.


Col. Taylor and his wife moved into The Chesapeake in 2002 and have enjoyed the outstanding amenities, staff and above all the wonderful friendly residents.

~ Resident Profile ~


"I paint for enjoyment "

~ Resident Profile ~


"Quilting is my passion "

~ Resident Profile ~


"Husband, father, hero"
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