To The Chesapeake -- Thank You

Life is filled with uncertainties, and at our communities, many of these uncertainties are no longer a part of our   resident’s lives — as Madeline Hardison learned.

The emergency room doctor said very emphatically, “Yes, your upper arm bone is broken, but if you don’t use it for anything, it will heal without a cast!  It will take several weeks, but eventually you will not know it has been injured, if you do as I say!  I am sorry your perfect week in Idaho has ended this way!”


A perfect week in Idaho . . .  Yes, it had been a perfect week, visiting friends and enjoying the many outside activities the area provides.  It was my last day before returning to Virginia.  After dinner, we decided to go on one more bike ride and watch the sun set.  We were out longer than we intended and when we saw twilight was quickly fading into darkness, we began turning around.  To widen my turn, I steered a few inches nearer the shoulder, not realizing it was covered with small pea gravel.  In a split second, my front tire slid, with the bike and me also sliding and landing on my left arm.  As quickly as I fell, I got up lifting the bike, saying I was fine.  After a few steps, I changed my mind.  My left arm was really hurting.  It didn’t take long for me to know I needed some medical help.  Within a few minutes, a van was brought, and we were heading for the hospital. 


Don’t use it for anything, use it for anything . . . all night after returning from the emergency room, these words continued to ring.  I knew when I got back to my apartment at The Chesapeake, I would have very little to do, but

don’t use it for anything . .   That was not possible.  There were some things I would have to do!  Finally, I decided not to fret anymore — I would call The Chesapeake before I left the next morning and hope for the best.


I made The Chesapeake call explaining my predicament, and the clinic assured me they would take care of everything.  They told me to go to Assisted Living instead of my apartment when I arrived.   They would be waiting.


I arrived about 8:00 that night.  The nurse on duty happened to be standing in the hall and she escorted me to my room.  She also related that an orthopedic appointment had been made for the next day and transportation had been arranged.  Before she left, another staff person came in to offer help and very soon I was being assisted with a shower and tucked into bed.


For the next 20 days in Assisted Living the words, “don’t use it for anything” were of no concern, because everything was done for me.  At the appropriate time and under my doctor’s care, I received physical therapy, water therapy in the pool, and finally exercise in the Fitness Room — all at The Chesapeake.   When my doctor also determined I could return to my apartment, a therapist checked it to make any modifications needed so the healing process could continue.


 My perfect week in Idaho did have an unfortunate ending, hearing the words don’t use it for anything did seem impossible, but all ended well.  Today, these three years later, I don’t even know my arm was injured.


And to The Chesapeake, thanks again!

Madeline Hardison, a retired teacher, moved to The Chesapeake in 2005 from Goldsboro, NC.

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