Spiritual well-being at The Chesapeake

Nourishing the soul by nurturing the spirit.

Spirituality and spiritual well-being play an important role at The Chesapeake. As a faith-based community, we offer all residents opportunities to pursue spiritual growth through on-campus worship services, Bible studies and service projects. Our Chaplain offers spiritual care and support to residents, family members and staff. In addition, many residents maintain relationships with their churches and faith communities, and continue to attend their services. Local ministers visit and support Chesapeake residents, and many come on campus to offer education and worship, including Episcopalian and Catholic services.

The Chesapeake is part of Lifespire of Virginia Inc., a faith-based, nonprofit family of retirement communities. Lifespire of Virginia and The Chesapeake are rooted in the Baptist tradition of Christianity and, as such, we seek to foster an atmosphere of meaning, purpose, love, forgiveness, hope, justice and peace for all. The Chesapeake is open to individuals of all faiths, beliefs and traditions.