Volunteer opportunities abound in and around The Chesapeake.

Residents benefit from sharing their time and talents with others.

A key component of what is known as “occupational wellness” is volunteering. Sharing your time, talents, knowledge and skills with others enriches not only their lives, but yours as well. Volunteering imparts a sense of purpose that contributes to overall happiness and mental well-being. It’s a simple thing that has a positive impact on you and your community.

Residents at The Chesapeake volunteer generously in myriad ways. Our “Chicks with Sticks” group makes baby blankets and caps for newborns at local hospitals, quilts to send overseas, blankets for the SPCA, and more. Other groups participate in food bank drives and blood drives held at The Chesapeake. Many individuals also volunteer at area hospitals, animal shelters, museums and other local points of interest.