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Gen X Is Ready to Hit the Ground to Retirement Running — See Why Independent Living Is the Best Fit for Their Lifestyle

If you’re part of Gen X (born between 1965 and 1980), then you’re likely preparing for retirement. You’ve completed your education, established your career, and are almost finished raising your children. Though you might still have a few years left in the labor market, a relaxing, fulfilling retirement- lifestyle is probably on your mind.

In fact, the 2022 Investopedia Financial Literacy Survey found those in Gen X are confident with their money management skills and intent on maximizing their finances to get ready for retirement.

Independent Living is a fantastic way to lead the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about and help you stretch your retirement budget.

From maintenance-free residences to abundant opportunities to refine your fitness routine, if you’re a Gen Xer getting ready to hit the ground to retirement running, check out these reasons Independent Living is right for you.

Spend Time on Yourself by Taking Advantage of Amenities that Match Your Active Lifestyle

You’ve spent years advancing your career, raising a family, maintaining a large home, managing your financial portfolio, and squeezing in what little time you have left to work out, get outside and improve your overall wellness.

As a generation that embraces the fun in physical fitness, leading an active lifestyle is essential. Independent Living features amenities like fully equipped fitness centers with personal trainers, pools for swimming laps and group swim classes, whirlpools to soothe sore muscles, paths for walking and bicycling, and group fitness classes like yoga.

Because Independent Living is age-restricted, you can enjoy these amenities with like-minded individuals who share many of your same retirement goals.

The Chesapeake features a well-designed fitness center managed by the National Institute for Fitness & Sport, with certified exercise specialists ready to help you develop and personalize a routine, so you can hit the gym each day with confidence. We also feature a variety of group aqua and fitness classes for those who like to socialize while they work up a sweat.

Say So Long to Boring Weekends Maintaining Your Home

How many weekends would you have rather sipped your favorite beverage on the patio or watched the big game with your friends, instead of mowing the lawn, raking leaves or cleaning the house? Maintenance-free residences in Independent Living allow you to do just that.

In Independent Living, the hassles of homeownership disappear. You won’t have to maintain the interior and exterior of your house, or make room in your budget for things like home and appliance repairs, HOA fees, homeowner’s insurance, and property tax.

Many Independent Living residences also include paid utilities, including telephone service, cable television and biweekly housekeeping services. With all your extra free time, you’ll definitely be able to live your best life in Independent living.

Our community in Newport News, VA, adds even more convenience to your retirement lifestyle by offering pharmacy delivery, clothing alteration and repair services, barber and salon services, daily newspaper delivery to your door, and a full-service bank.

Take Your Retirement on the Road with a Lock-and-Leave Lifestyle

Being retired doesn’t mean you have to stay in one place, but you might want a secure and comfortable home to keep your valuables while you’re away on your travels. A lock-and-leave lifestyle in Independent Living allows you to take long vacations without having to worry about your home or the valuables inside.

Many communities feature top-notch security to keep your home safe from would-be intruders, and a close-knit group of residents keep an eye out for anything suspicious occurring around your home. However, we can’t promise they won’t over-water your plants.

Maintenance-free residences ensure you don’t have to worry about having a plan of action if your home needs emergency repair while you’re away. The only thing you’ll need to think about is where the open road will take you next.

We offer guests suites with a daily complimentary breakfast at The Chesapeake, so when you have friends stopping by for a visit during their own travels, they’ll have a comfortable place to put up their feet, and you’ll get the chance to show off your incredible retirement lifestyle at our community.

Develop Your Passions and Try New Things in Dedicated Spaces

Retirement is the perfect time to reignite passions for past hobbies and dive into new, refreshing experiences. Many Independent Living communities feature dedicated spaces for hobbies like woodworking, crafting, gardening, painting and jewelry making.

There are also plenty of opportunities to learn something new or take a deeper look into subjects that already have your interest. Many communities offer lifelong learning programs, college lecture series, business centers and resident-led interest groups.

Volunteer opportunities both in the community and in the surrounding area are also something most Independent Living communities offer. That way, you can spend your free time getting to know new people and connecting with meaningful causes.

For instance, The Chesapeake provides residents with volunteer opportunities at nearby attractions such as The Mariners’ Museum, Fine Arts Center, Virginia Air & Space Center, and Virginia Living Museum.

Find a Home That’s Perfect for Every Stage of Retirement

While tall staircases leading to extra bedrooms, extensive storage areas in the basement or attic, and sweeping two-car garages make sense with a full house, they won’t serve you as you age.

Many times the features in your current home that once benefited your family can become a burden when you’re older. This means you might have to fork out cash for pricey and time-consuming renovations, like installing grab bars, walk-in showers or lower kitchen cabinets, to make aging in place possible in your current home.

By moving into Independent Living as soon as you retire, you’ll be able to safely age in place and maximize the incredible services and amenities.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities like The Chesapeake offer Independent Living and a continuum of health care that includes Assisted Living, Memory Support, Skilled Nursing, and Rehabilitation. This means you can stay in our community, still see your friends, and enjoy an exceptional retirement lifestyle no matter your needs.

Explore the Benefits of Independent Living for Gen X at The Chesapeake

Get to know The Chesapeake and find out how your dream retirement is within reach by attending one of our fascinating events or by connecting with our retirement counselors online to schedule a personalized tour. We’d love to hear from you!