The Chesapeake Launches Fresh Start Program

house with heart and a set of keys

LifeSpire of Virginia is pleased to announce the purchase of a private home adjacent to the Newport News campus. The house will be used to assist employees at The Chesapeake who are in need. In the past when homes like this were purchased, they were torn down to expand the campus. This time, Executive Director David Loop and community Chaplain Sonja Oliver launched the “Fresh Start” program to help team members with transitional housing.

In late 2019, LifeSpire of Virginia became aware that a dedicated employee was homeless. David and Sonja came up with the idea to use the recently purchased house for this staff member to offer a fresh start and ensure employment and income. The program evolved to provide team members in need with up to three months of housing while they work on a plan to become financially independent. 

Many residents at The Chesapeake donated furniture and volunteered to clean and decorate—making the house a home. Additionally, LifeSpire of Virginia is offering all team members a financial wellness program called Momentum on Up, which is offered by SunTrust, now Truist.

“I am so proud of The Chesapeake team for putting our mission—empowering individuals with choices in purposeful living—into action,” said LifeSpire of Virginia President and CEO Jonathan Cook.