Community protocols for COVID-19

What is life like at a LifeSpire of Virginia community during the pandemic?

Watch our video for a closer look at residents’ experience.

How we keep residents safe.

Simply put, The Chesapeake exists to serve residents. Thus, keeping them healthy and safe is more than a responsibility we take seriously; it’s our highest priority. We’d like to share the protocols we’ve introduced to protect those who live and work at all LifeSpire of Virginia communities while maintaining a joy-filled life for residents.

Effective early efforts are still practiced.

Acting proactively, early in the pandemic we were among the first to implement:

  • Rapid tests for COVID-19 and other screening protocols
  • Vaccine clinics through federal long-term care partnerships
  • Purchasing adequate supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) so staff always had it available

Vaccinations are now in full swing.

LifeSpire of Virginia communities have completed the registration process to become vaccinators, with the timeline for implementation to be determined by the Virginia Department of Health (VDH). LifeSpire of Virginia communities are currently working with pharmacy partners until VDH approval for administration by community staff.

The COVID-19 vaccine has been offered to all residents and staff, and it will be made available to new residents and staff as they arrive. While statistics fluctuate with changes in occupancy and staffing, our current status is notable:

  • 95% of Independent Living residents have been vaccinated.
  • 85% of Health Services residents have been vaccinated.
  • All team members have the opportunity to be vaccinated, with approximately 50% having completed at least one dose.

Professional partnerships for maintenance and sanitation.

LifeSpire of Virginia partners with Aramark, experts in cleaning and disinfecting services for senior living communities, hospitals and other large environments. The Aramark SpaceCare QL+TM program follows guidance from epidemiologists, infection prevention specialists, and industry-leading product manufacturers. Through this program, we’ve adopted the following measures:

  • EPA-approved cleaning products used in accordance with strict safety guidelines
  • The use of microfiber products to clean surfaces and prevent cross-contamination
  • Availability of hand sanitizer throughout our communities
  • Disinfection through increased cleaning frequencies
  • Validation tools to identify and maintain the most effective cleaning practices

While protecting the wellbeing of residents is our highest priority, LifeSpire of Virginia will not lose focus on providing the highest quality of life, even during a pandemic. At our communities, residents enjoy opportunity for socialization, reconnection with other residents, and guests or loved one to the extent possible. We facilitate safe social gatherings, trips and events. while practicing recommended safety measures such as mask wearing, hand hygiene, and monitoring for any symptoms of illness.

If you’d like to learn more about our safety protocols, please call (757) 913-0564 or complete the form on this page.