Earth Day Event at The Chesapeake Senior Living Community in Newport News, VA.

Chesapeake Residents Celebrate Earth Day

On Thursday, April 22, Chesapeake residents took to the great outdoors to celebrate Earth Day. A fair honoring the holiday took over the terrace as dozens learned about conservation, recycling and the problems caused by littering.

One booth featured a donation station so that residents could drop off old eyeglasses, medication bottles, textiles, batteries and more. The idea was to give participants the opportunity to repurpose items that may otherwise lay around or get thrown away. The community’s Recycling Committee had several booths that featured litter collected in various places throughout the community and the potential damages that trash could pose to the Earth. Another table had information about the community garden, The Funny Farm.

A crowd favorite at the event was a booth set up by resident Jim Johnston which displayed real butterflies.