Freedom to Flourish

Our goal at The Chesapeake is to empower you to design the life you want to live. Our Vibrance lifestyle offers a new definition of senior wellness that radiates through everything we do. Vibrance is all about living exceptionally well and touches every aspect of our residents’ lives.

It’s about building on your past contributions and recognizing those you have yet to make.

Come discover how Vibrance can make your life shine. Schedule a personal tour today by filling out our request form.

Vibrance radiates with these fundamental tenets:

  • Joy – Your choices provide a deep sense of contentment as you take advantage of exceptional programs and services. This joy comes from knowing your home is cared for so you can focus on living the life you want to live.
  • Growth – Your choices allow you to learn and try new things that enable you to grow intellectually, spiritually and physically within our unique community.
  • Community – Your choices establish connections with those who have similar interests and experiences. Connections help create an inviting atmosphere for residents and staff within your community.
  • Purpose – Your choices are intentional, varied, and engage your personal passions. You have opportunities to use your personal strengths, talents and experiences to contribute to the community and serve others.
senior couple taking a bike ride

Dakim BrainFitness is a scientifically-based, comprehensive, structured, brain-training program that cross-trains the brain in six essential cognitive domains to improve memory now and protect brain health long-term. This touch screen system is easy to use, and it self-adjusts the level of challenge in each domain so that every user receives a workout that is precisely matched to his or her individual abilities.

Life at The Chesapeake is designed to enhance the balance of mind, body and spirit. From our certified staffing from the National Institute for Fitness and Sport (NIFS) to exceptional healthy dining, lifelong learning and everything in between, Vibrance is all about your well-being and how to keep you feeling great while engaging in all that life has to offer.