Remembering and honoring fallen heroes on Memorial Day at The Chesapeake.

Memorial Day Tribute: Benefits for Senior Veterans

If you’ve served in the military during combat situations, you know what it means to lose friends. People who, in some instances, were closer than family. At The Chesapeake, like elsewhere around the country, Memorial Day is a time to remember the ultimate sacrifice some members of our military made so all of us could be free. During your Memorial Day activities, we think it’s also important to take a moment and celebrate our hard-fought way of life by honoring a veteran in your family or circle of friends. 

Residents of The Chesapeake span all branches of the military, and supporting our fallen comrades is an important part of our Memorial Day activities. Our motto is “Freedom Lives Here,” and part of our mission is to ensure veterans have access to an engaging and fulfilling lifestyle. That’s why we work hard every day to provide residents the opportunity to pursue their interests, free of everyday chores and secure in the knowledge they have a smart plan for the future. This post will cover some programs and benefits you may not know about, which could give you or someone you know access to the care they need.

Veterans health benefits.

The Veterans Administration (VA) has a couple of veterans health benefits available for those who served in the military that could help offset any care needed in the future:

  • The Veterans Aid & Attendance Pension Benefit: If you qualify, the Veterans Aid & Attendance Pension Benefit (also known as A&A benefit) provides up to $1,911 per month to a veteran; $2,266 to a couple; and $3,032 if you’re both veterans. This tax-free money can be used for in-home care as well as for care at an assisted living community. Neither Medicare nor Medicaid pays veterans benefits for senior assisted living care, so this can help you and your family. 
  • Veteran Directed Home and Community Based Services: If you need assistance with activities of daily living (bathing, getting dressed, cooking, housework, etc.), are living alone, or your caregiver needs assistance, you may qualify. With this program, you’re given a flexible budget for services that can be managed by yourself or the family caregiver that can be used to help you continue to live at home or in your community.

If you think you qualify for these disabled veteran benefits, contact your local Veterans Administration representative. It can take six to eight months, on average, to get approval. But once your application is approved, it’s applied retroactively to the date you applied. 

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