Residents Benefit from The Chesapeake’s Salt Water Pool

Following research by the wellness staff at The Chesapeake regarding the pros and cons of salt water pools, a decision was made to change from the original chlorine pool to salt water. Salt water pools use a chlorine generator and electrolysis which is preferable because there is no chlorine odor and it helps prevent skin irritation that may occur in chlorine pools.

Since the change, those who participate in aqua exercise classes, swimmers, etc. have reported that they are enjoying this change.

In addition residents exercising and swimming in the Chesapeake’s pool based on their personal schedules, the Aqua Exercise program available through The Chesapeake’s Wellness Program provides classes including five classes a week as follows:

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday — Aqua Aerobics, a 60 minute moderate to high intensity water class that uses both aquatic weights and pool noodles for an allover body workout. A variety of both leg and arm exercises are performed in shallow water.
  • On Tuesday and Thursday — Aqua Ease, a 45 minute low intensity water class designed to improve range of motion, flexibility and balance. Aqua weights and noodles are both used to provide overall upper and lower body workout.

Residents of The Chesapeake appreciate and enjoy how their health is enhanced through the Aqua Exercise program and the enjoyment of the salt water pool. A resident from Assisted Living was previously a faithful participant in Aqua Aerobics. Following a change in her health, she was hesitant to get back in the pool. She had experienced some setbacks physically and was unsure of her ability. After her doctor prescribed aqua exercise, she was ready to give it a try. Much to her surprise she was able to do most everything in the water she had previously been doing. She reported feeling better physically and mentally.