The Chesapeake Senior Living Encouraging COVID Vaccine

The Chesapeake Urges Its Community Members to Get Vaccinated

Vaccination rates amongst independent living residents at The Chesapeake are at 94% or above, while the rates amongst licensed areas are at 85% or higher. These numbers have lagged a bit for team members. Until the community reaches 100% vaccination for all team members and residents, The Chesapeake’s leadership team will continue to provide resources, education and support to our community members as they determine if vaccination is right for them.

“The side effects, of a mild fever and chills, that you get from the vaccine is a lot less severe than actually getting the COVID infection itself,” said The Chesapeake’s Medical Director Dr. Haji. “There are personal benefits of protecting yourself and your family and there are community benefits of preventing person-to-person transfer.”

The Virginia Department of Health’s Nurse Advisor LaWanda Dunn said the vaccine works by teaching the immune system what to do in response to a COVID infection.

“You do not catch COVID-19 from getting the vaccination. The first injection, if you get a two-dose series, is your body figuring out what to do. Then, with the second dose, your body is like, ‘Okay, we know what to do. We’re going to respond,” Dunn said.

Chesapeake resident Doris Shea said she contracted polio as a child, so the decision was an easy one.

“Any time there’s a shot or a vaccine I am ready and willing to participate,” Shea said.

Chesapeake team member D’Shawn Glover said getting the vaccine isn’t just a personal choice but rather a public service.

“Sometimes we can get this virus and not know it and spread it to someone else who may spread it to a loved one and that loved one can be gone forever. I really feel that we should get it and get back to normal,” he said.