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What’s on your bucket list?

Ever since the eponymous 2008 movie starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, “bucket list” has become a popular term for the list of life goals a person would like to achieve before they die — the things they’d like to do before “kicking the bucket.” Many retirees are finding that developing a bucket or “life list” is helping them enjoy life’s third act and giving them inspiration to overcome fears, try new things or achieve life-long dreams.

Not everything on your bucket list has to be an exotic adventure. Health and financial goals are a priority on many lists; tending to those small details that you never had time for while working full-time is important now that you’re retired. Bucket list items are meant to bring deeper meaning and enjoyment to life.

Some simple but meaningful ideas include: volunteering, designing and planting a garden, completing your estate planning, writing a book, reading the classics, learning a new language, taking music lessons, learning to paint or sculpt, taking cooking classes, joining a gym, learning a new craft or hobby, auditioning for a role in a community theater, eating at a five-star restaurant, or starting or finishing your family tree.

Facing fears and making life-long dreams come true are valuable additions to your bucket list. Here’s a sampling of ambitious goals some seniors are including on their bucket lists: sky diving, taking a cruise through the Greek Islands, visiting all of America’s national parks, visiting religious or historic monuments, meeting a hero such as the Pope or a past/current President of the United States, starting a charitable foundation, living in another country, traveling the U.S. in an RV.

Whether it’s two things or 200, the items on your bucket list should be more than just things that sound fun, they should be actions that challenge you and promise to add meaning to your life.

So, what’s on your bucket list? Better yet, what have you always dreamed of doing? It’s never too late to accomplish amazing things!