senior couple enjoying museum exhibit, lifelong learning

Benefits of Wellness Programs in a Senior Living Community

Why Is Wellness Important as We Age? 

Just  a few decades ago, retirement was seen as a time to relax and take it easy. And it was commonly thought that if your parents and/or grandparents enjoyed a long life, so would you! But today, research shows that only 30% of physical aging is genetics and the remaining 70% is due to lifestyle choices. That’s why wellness has become important in senior living. Many seniors choose an independent living community — like The Chesapeake — to pursue their wellness goals. 

What Is Wellness?

Outside of being a buzzword used to describe a wide range of activities, what is wellness in senior living? The National Wellness Institute describes it as an active process through which people make health and lifestyle choices toward a better life. While it’s possible to pursue your goals outside of a senior living community, living there gives you easy access to their on-site fitness center, wellness programs and nutritious meals. Plus, you have lots of friendly neighbors with a similar outlook on life and a helpful staff to encourage you along the way. At The Chesapeake, we break wellness down into these three categories:

Lifelong Learning:

Defined as “the use of both formal and informal learning opportunities throughout your life in order to foster the continuous development and improvement of the knowledge and skills needed for employment and personal fulfillment.” Being a lifelong learner can benefit your overall cognition and happiness.

At The Chesapeake, we offer a varity of services and amenities

  • Creative arts studio for oil and acrylic painting, fused glass, and jewelry making
  • Hobby shop for woodworking, stained glass creations and crafting projects
  • College lecture series, informative TED Talks, on-site concerts, lectures and theater presentations 
  • Day trips to the Eastern Shore, Richmond, Charlottesville and other great locations
  • Vegetable, flower and butterfly gardens
  • Interdenominational worship services, Bible studies and Sunday school
  • Volunteer opportunities within the community and at nearby sites such as The Mariners’ Museum, Fine Arts Center, Virginia Air & Space Center, and Virginia Living Museum


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), by age 75 about one in three men and one in two women engage in no physical activity. It’s recommended seniors participate in moderate exercise five days a week for at least 30 minutes each time, including muscle-strengthening activities that exercise all major muscle groups two or more days a week. But if you’re starting an exercise program, the most important thing to do is find an activity you like and do it until you can eventually start a routine that includes walking, stretching, weight training and balance exercises. 

At The Chesapeake, we offer:

  • Well-designed fitness center managed by the National Center for Fitness and Sport, with certified exercise specialists ready to help develop or expand a personalized plan just right for your needs
  • Heated indoor saltwater pool with a variety of therapeutic classes
  • Soothing whirlpool and sauna
  • Group exercise classes, including yoga, balance and aqua aerobics
  • Walking and cycling paths


As we age, what we don’t eat can start to affect our overall health and wellness,and after 50, our body needs more of certain vitamins and nutrients.  

Our culinary team works to make the healthy choice the easy choice at The Chesapeake: 

  • Partnered with Cura Hospitality to offer their award-winning BeWell culinary program. 
  • Meals designed to improve overall health, deliver quality wholesome food and, most  of all, emotional well-being. 
  • Locally sourced ingredients  
  • Menu features traditional favorites as well as latest culinary trends 

Live Well at The Chesapeake

At The Chesapeake, our focus is on following proven health and wellness trends to ensure you have the tools and programs you need to live an active and engaged life. If you and your spouse ever need it, we also offer the security of access to a full continuum of on-site care, including our 5-star rated health center. 

If you’re looking for an independent living community in a friendly and convenient neighborhood setting, you can learn more about our lifestyle by contacting us here.