Leroy Hubbard Story, a Veteran at The Chesapeake

Leroy Hubbard’s Story

The Chesapeake is home to many interesting people, including veterans like Leroy Hubbard. In addition to his military service, music, art and education have played big roles in Leroy’s life—taking him across town and around the world. He now finds himself at The Chesapeake and says that he couldn’t be happier.

Born in Petersburg, Virginia, Leroy came from a musical family. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy during World War II and was assigned to play trumpet in the Navy band. During the war, he was stationed on Mogmog Island, a tiny island in the Marianas that served as a recreation base for Navy personnel. There, he helped to entertain the soldiers and lighten their spirits.

After the war, Leroy returned home to Virginia and, thanks to the GI Bill, was able to enroll in college, earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Art and a master’s degree in Administration. He worked for 30 years in the Hampton school system, teaching art to junior high and high school students, and later serving as an administrator.

Twice widowed, Leroy learned about The Chesapeake during a chance encounter at a teacher’s meeting. He decided to check it out for himself and discovered that this was the place for him. “The Chesapeake feels like a family of people like me. Everything is so well coordinated and the people are very friendly.”

He also enjoys the dining experience. “The food is superb. When I was in college, I was a waiter in some very nice hotels, so I know good food. And even though we do not tip the wait staff, the service is excellent. Everyone is attentive and eager to please.”

Now that he is settled in, Leroy is looking forward to participating in the many activities offered at The Chesapeake. He even says he may start painting again.