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What To Do While You’re On a Senior Living Waitlist

Congratulations — you’ve taken an important step in securing your future by joining the waitlist for your independent/senior living apartment or residence! By now you should have a pretty good idea of what your future senior living community is all about, but depending on your situation, you may be wondering how long the wait is — and how to prepare for your move in the meantime. In this blog post, we’ll share our recommendations for how to keep things moving, and how to start enjoying your new community right away.


Start Downsizing Now

Even if you’re still researching senior living housing options, or you don’t plan to move right away, downsizing for seniors is a logical first step. Always confirm with the community’s senior living counselor how long you should expect to remain on the waitlist. Even if you’ve simply secured your place while still researching active senior living communities, knowing you’ve had time to properly go through items in your home can only add to your peace of mind. It does take time, but it can also be quality time spent with family members with whom you want to share memories and/or give items to as you downsize for your move. Enjoy the process by planning for your move in advance, so you don’t have to rush. Also, plan to visit your new independent living community a few times before actually moving in, not only to confirm furniture placement in your new space, but also to get to know your new neighbors. Downsizing can be more enjoyable than you might think!


Calculate Your Savings

Most senior living housing options require at least a partial deposit to secure your name on a waitlist, so you’ll know you’re preapproved once you’re ready to move. But that’s only one of the financial benefits you’ll enjoy at an independent living community. Along with removing all those homeownership costs like maintenance and repairs, you’ll also qualify for numerous tax deductions by moving to a Life Care community like The Chesapeake, (such as your entrance fee). So is the profit you make by selling your home, up to a certain amount. And all those items you plan to donate from downsizing can be tax-deductible, as well, if itemized (and depending on your adjusted gross income).

Take this time to confirm you know the policy for your waitlist deposit; while many independent living communities will refund your deposit, should circumstances change, not all require the same amount or offer the same refundability. And meet with your tax advisor to make sure you know about all the financial benefits of your future plan. Then you can begin to enjoy your retirement even more!


Confirm Timing

Along with knowing the waitlist policy for any senior living community, you should always confirm with your senior living counselor how the waitlist works. There are different types, from an open-ended waitlist (where you can remain on the list longer if you choose, until your desired space becomes available) to a “three-strike rule” waitlist, where you get three opportunities to move in when there’s an open space available. (After that, your name moves to the bottom of the waitlist.) Since each active senior living community is different, make sure all your questions are answered about the waitlist you’ve joined.

If you’re considering one or more waitlists, or still have questions, see our blog post about when to join the waitlist for a senior living community near you.  


Enjoy Resident Advantages

Finally, don’t wait to start enjoying all the benefits of your new neighborhood. At The Chesapeake, we know how important daily experiences are to feeling comfortable in your surroundings. That’s why our future independent living residents are always welcome to dine with us as guests. Here, you can explore any of our multiple dining options (including our in-season offerings of the Seasonal Plate program).

Our community is also designed to offer a wide range of activities for seniors so there’s always something for everyone. We encourage you to browse our upcoming events and join the fun. You’ll get to know the neighborhood and make lasting connections. It’s no wonder so many of our future residents already feel at home before they move in! Our days feature one fascinating event after another.

Discover how fulfilling life can be while you’re on the waitlist. Contact us today for more information about making the most of your transition to a senior living community, and learn why freedom lives at The Chesapeake.