Baseline Test Results Show Good News

The management team at The Chesapeake is working together to keep senior residents, families and team members safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.  As such, we are committed to transparency related to COVID-19 testing results.  On July 23, 2020 our licensed neighborhood (Health Care, Assisted Living and Memory Care) residents and team members completed the State required Covid-19 baseline testing. On July 27th we received excellent results from the baseline testing.  There were 96 residents and 149 team members who were tested. We received the results back today that all residents tested were negative.  All except one team member was negative.  The one team member who tested positive for Covid-19 works within the Building & Grounds department of The Chesapeake Retirement Community. The team member is now resting comfortably at home and we will follow the CDC guidelines for having the team member return to work.

These results show our team members dedication to proper handwashing, social distancing, masking and infection control procedures have paid off for our residents and other team members. The Chesapeake continues to work towards resuming normal operations as safely as possible. The Chesapeake team is continuing to be diligent with the infection control processes that helped achieve these results.

Detailed contact tracing is underway to determine if other team members in that department might have been exposed.  Currently, no other team members or residents have been experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.  The Chesapeake management team reported the positive test result to the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) per the guidelines set forth by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

The Chesapeake management team is closely monitoring all residents in the Assisted Living, Memory Care and Health Care to ensure that everyone is in good health. Everyone who enters the community is being screened daily, including all team members and vendors. Each team member has been educated regarding the process of self-reporting which includes travel history and symptoms of respiratory illness.

The leadership team will continue to keep you informed. Please check the COVID-19 communication hub at Do not hesitate to reach out to David loop at [email protected]  or Barbara Jackson-Ingram at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

Thank you!